Product Information

MITE-R-GAGE is a simple and economical tool that can be used to measure or layout angles. The tool allows the professional or do-it-yourselfer to take on difficult jobs involving angular cuts and fits- with professional results. The insert provided with each tool illustrates the primary uses and versatility of MITE-R-GAGE. The insert also gives clear simple instructions for using the tool. After the tool has been used a few times, most people do not need the instructions. It is an excellent companion tool for miter, table, or radial arm saws.
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MITE-R-GAGE is made of LEXAN™ resin and will not break, crack, or warp under normal usage.

The dual (full plus half angle)** scale is embedded in the resin and paint filled. It will not wash or rub off. The black knob ( with one quick twist) allows the tool to be locked at any desired angle - useful for angle layout or as an adjustable try-square etc.

MITE-R-GAGE is accurate to ¼ of one degree.

The approximate dimensions of MITE-R-GAGE are as follows:
• scale diameter 3 1/2 inches
• arm(s) length 10 inches
• head height 7/8 inches
• arm width 5/8 inches
• overall length 11 3/4 inches
• the approximate weight per tool is 4 ounces

Lexan* is a registered trademark of General Electric Co.**
The half angle scale gives the exact angle for miter cuts
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