Mite-R-Gage, the handy addition to your Woodworking Supplies, Carpenters Tools. The must have for your Woodworkers Supply. Mite-R-Gage, The innovator of Carpenters Supplies.

With MITE-R-GAGE you can:

• Layout angles
• Measure inside angles
• Measure outside angles
• Check corners for squareness and surface for flatness
• Check alignment of radial  or table saw
• Calibrate leveling tools to indicate slope in degrees
• Make simple or compound miter cuts

How to use MITE-R-GAGE:
• Place Mite-R-Gage into/over corner
• Read cutting angle
• Example: 43 degrees
• Set saw blade angle to 43 degrees*
• Get perfect cut and fit!
  *Full angle can also be read directly from Mite-R-Gage
Pricing based on Domestic Shipping/Continental USA Only