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Our Mite-R-Gage product tool was conceived, designed (and later patented) by an electrical engineer while remodeling his home.

Over 200,000 units have been sold to individuals and businesses across the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia.

It is made in the USA.
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MITE-R-GAGE is made of LEXAN™ resin and will not break, crack, or warp under normal usage.

The dual (full plus half angle)** scale is embedded in the resin and paint filled. It will not wash or rub off. The black knob ( with one quick twist) allows the tool to be locked at any desired angle - useful for angle layout or as an adjustable try-square etc.

MITE-R-GAGE is accurate to ¼ of one degree.
Mite-R-Gage, the handy addition to your Woodworking Supplies, Carpenters Tools. The must have for your Woodworkers Supply. Mite-R-Gage, The innovator of Carpenters Supplies.

With MITE-R-GAGE you can:
• Layout angles
• Measure inside angles
• Measure outside angles
• Check corners for squareness and surface for flatness
• Check alignment of radial  or table saw
• Calibrate leveling tools to indicate slope in degrees
• Make simple or compound miter cuts

How to use MITE-R-GAGE:
• Place Mite-R-Gage into/over corner
• Read cutting angle
• Example: 43 degrees
• Set saw blade angle to 43 degrees*
• Get perfect cut and fit!
  *Full angle can also be read directly from Mite-R-Gage